Governance Structure

The company is wholly owned by Kitwe City Council and Kalulushi Municipal Council. The Board oversees the policy direction of the company. The Managing Director, assisted by five Directors, run the day to day activities.

Company Profile

Engineering Directorate

The directorate aims to bring value to the customer base of 48,000 connections by efficiently operating the water and sewerage plant to deliver the required services. The maintenance department ensures that machinery and equipment is periodically maintained, and breakdowns are promptly attended to. Customer care activities are carried out at three divisions namely: Northern Division, Southern Division and Kalulushi Division. Ten customer care centres are evenly spread out within the three division to bring the company close to the customers.

Human Resources Directorate

The Human Resources Directorate comprises six sections whose primary functions include the following:

  • To maintain, motivate and develop the Company’s human resources in order to enable NWSC achieve its set objectives.
  • To prepare payroll information for all the employees and ensure timely payment of salaries.
  • Provision of security services in order to safeguard Company assets as well as protect the employees.
  • Ensure effective utilisation of Company vehicles
  • To spearhead the extension of water supply services to peri-urban areas in Kitwe, Kalulushi and Chambishi.
  • To disseminate information on the operations of NWSC aimed at publishing and improving the Company’s corporate image to the public.

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