Bill payment methods

Payments can be made to a cashier at any one of our Pay points. Pay points are found at.

  • Kantanta Street Office
  • Zampost in City Centre
  • Chambishi Market
  • Chamboli
  • Parklands
  • Kalulushi
  • Nyerere
  • Kwacha
  • Head Office Freedom Av.
  • Ndeke pay point
  • Riverside division office
  • Kwacha East Pay Point
  • Chimwemwe Pay Point
  • Mindolo pay point
  • Showgrounds Stand D6
  • Wusakile Kamcity
  • Post Office
  • Chambishi
  • Luangwa

Airtel Money

Airtel Money is a Mobile Commerce service that allows you to access services that include

MTN Mobile Money

MTN Mobile Money is an exciting and amazing service designed for you. Registered MTN customers can use this service to send and/or receive money from anywhere in Zambia on their phone within seconds. Other enhanced features and services available on MTN Mobile Money are Bulk and Bill Payments. You can now pay for your water bills using MTN Mobile Money First, ensure that you have enough money in your MTN account to cover your bill payment. Then:

  • Dial *303# and press send
  • Select “Pay Bill” from your Mobile Money menu
  • Select the company you want to pay for a service
  • Enter the amount you are paying
  • Enter PIN and necessary reference numbers
  • Confirm details are correct and press OK

You will be advised of any applicable charges before the transaction is completed. The maximum transaction amount per day is K5,000 and the maximum amount payable per transaction is K3,000.


This method involves a customer coming to our head office to sign a mandate form allowing NWSC to debit a fixed and stated amount from their account every month to go towards NWSC bill payment. This method can be used by any customer who holds an account with any online bank. DDACC entails that the customer does not have to worry about water bills as it takes care of itself- as long as the customer has enough balance in their bank account


A customer who holds an account with Standard Chartered Bank can pay for water bills by activating and logging onto Standard Chartered bill payments on their mobile phone. To activate this facility, customers should call 5247 toll free on their mobile phones.

All Shoprite Stores

Customers can pay there water bills from any shoprite stores national wide.

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